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“Adharaw Groups” was formed in Estd- July 2014. It is a Not for Profit Organization,registered under the Societies Registration ACT 21, 1860/Reg No. - 022188 (Govt. of Bihar) , vide Registration No.S/26397 of 1994,and its registered office at:- K.G Road, Nawada, Ara, Bhojpur- 802301 (BIHAR). Its affairs are managed by its Governing Body, whose members hail from different states of India. Adharaw Groups enjoys national jurisdiction. As of 2015, Rasta has affected the lives of more than 1Lakh people directly and over 2 lakh people indirectly, through 11 projects in 75 locations from K.G Road, Nawada, Ara, Bhojpur-(BIHAR). Phone- 9304644887 ,9464502284

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for those helpless childrens who need it

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Adharaw Groups, IDWC , an NGO, has been consistently and sincerely working for the development of under-privileged sections of our society through its social and educational activities. We need support in this never-ending endeavour from people like you, who are socially conscious. We appeal to you to help us in any form that suits you by giving your time & expertise or by helping us financially.

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Thousands of Women and Children in India who are Survivors of Violence at their homes, office, streets are searching the internet to find help and support to deal with the shock and trauma. They are afraid to go to the police because of the associated social taboos and perceptions.
Hundreds of Caregivers – Credible Helplines, NGOs, Lawyers, Social Workers, Counsellors in India who are working towards ending violence against women and child sexual abuse do not have a common platform which can help them become more accessible to Victims in Need of their help, Volunteers, Donations & Support.
Thousands of Supporters looking for ways to support the fight to end violence against women and children in india in their own ways like Volunteering, Donations.

1. No easy way for Survivors to find Information about Caregivers that are relevant, credible, close.
2. No Platform for caregivers to become more accessible to survivors, share their work, recruit volunteers, raise donations.
3. No easy way for Supporters to find caregivers that they can connect with and support by volunteering, donations.

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"To provide services to women and children to ensure protection of rights, leading to self reliance and empowerment for a dignified life."

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" Adharaw Groups" seeks to help and empower women in distress and achieve healthy development of under-privileged children through education, guidance, training and counseling to ensure a reasonable quality of life for individuals and families.